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Food of the month – August- The Fig

Ficus carica – the real fig – is one of the oldest crop plants, which is cultivated and appreciated throughout the whole Mediterranean region. Also on the island the roundish fruit is known as one of the most famous fruits, which is sweetening up the ending summer. Depending on its type, the fig is either light green until dark violet and on the inside always juicily red. Majorca has the ideal climate for the fig tree, which needs warm summers and mild winters.

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Food of the month – June – The apricot

Porreres is the centre of apricot growing and on the 10th of June the Fira de l’Albercoc (apricot fair) revolves around the small, healthy fruit. The apricot (Prunus armeniaca) is smaller and more inconspicuous than its relative the peach and both are from the genus Prunus and the family of the rosaceous plants. In Majorca, the apricot is called “albercoc”, in Spanish “albaricoque”, and the Austrians call it “marille”.

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Food of the month – May – Sea-fennel

This month in our blog series we would like to introduce you to the sea-fennel and there is, of course, a recipe tip for you to cook on your holiday finca or at home. We hope you have fun! Those who are not familiar with the sea-fennel and are confronted by it for the first time on a Majorcan open sandwich, the pa amb oli, could mistake the dark green, leafy plant for algae because that is what the plant, which belongs to the umbellifer family, seems to be and the name also suggests that it has something to do with the sea.

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Food of the month – April – the Japanese loquat

This month in our blog series we would like to introduce you to the níspero. A fruit, which most of you might not know but which you should definitely get to know when visiting Majorca. It looks like a yellow plum, has the size of a ripe fig and its taste is reminiscent of apricot and peach. Most people come across this fruit for the first time in Spain – the níspero, whose correct name is “Japanese Loquat”.

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Food of the month – December – The orange

The home of these fruity island treasures is the “Valley of the Oranges” near Sóller. The mountain village is embedded in a valley in the Tramuntana mountains, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. An excursion in December to this “Vall des Taronjes” is intoxication for the senses when the orange and lemon groves shine in particularly vivid colours.

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