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Homes & Holiday AG is acquiring the holiday rental company Top Villas Mallorca – Porta Holiday increases its portfolio fivefold

Homes & Holiday AG, the specialist for holiday real estate in Spain and Germany, is acquiring Top Villas Mallorca S.L., which specialises in finca and holiday home rentals on Mallorca. Together with the subsidiary Porta Holiday, which is also active in this area, the new group will be one of the leading holiday rental companies […]

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Market study holiday real estate Balearic Islands 2018 – Bargains on Menorca, large selection on Mallorca and pure luxury on Ibiza

70% of the properties on offer are in Mallorca, Ibiza consists of 80% luxury offers and Menorca offers low entry prices. Holiday properties in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca are very popular with foreign investors. More than one in three buyers does not live in Spain, and property transactions in the Balearic Islands have more than […]

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This is holiday renting in Mallorca – turnover tax out of the blue!

He thought that he had done everything right, but the owner of a holiday home was still unpleasantly surprised when advised by the tax authorities that he owed turnover tax (Spanish:IVA) – out of the blue.
The person concerned is puzzled as he does not operate a purely commercial holiday-home rental which would be liable to VAT, only the administratively and fiscally- simplified version for which no IVA accounting is necessary.

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Food of the month – August- The Fig

Ficus carica – the real fig – is one of the oldest crop plants, which is cultivated and appreciated throughout the whole Mediterranean region. Also on the island the roundish fruit is known as one of the most famous fruits, which is sweetening up the ending summer. Depending on its type, the fig is either light green until dark violet and on the inside always juicily red. Majorca has the ideal climate for the fig tree, which needs warm summers and mild winters.

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Porta Holiday Golf Trophy 2017

Golfing is one of the most popular sports in Majorca. Nearly no other Mediterranean destination offers so many and such a variety of 18-holes golfing places like the biggest Balearic Island. Numerous tournaments and events all around the white ball take place and ensure that all players enjoy the game around the 19th hole. On […]

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