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Information about Llucmajor in Mallorca

Llucmajor is the „capital“ of the eponymous municipality in the island centre, the so called Migjorn. Here you can experience authentic island feeling, in a more rural surrounding but with the best transport connection: taking the highway, the airport and Palma are just 20-25 minutes away by car. The village is 15 kilometres away from the coast and has one of the biggest and nicest village squares.

With 327 sqm, the municipality of Llucmajor is the largest in Majorca. There is still space: with only 35.000 inhabitants, the place is not very overpopulated. From those around 13.000 inhabitants live in the village Llucmajor, which is nearly a small town but relatively quiet. For centuries agriculture and sheep farms were the most important economic incomes. It is word of mouth that in Llucmajor, you can still buy a house which is not overpriced. On the countryside, you can enjoy a traditional and typical Majorcan flair. Especially for your holiday, this is a very special and attractive place to be.

Choose between many nice beaches close by

Even though in the middle of the island, you have a choice of beaches, which you can reach quickly. Wonderful is for example the bay of Porto Pi or the mostly by Majorcans visited rocky bays and the small sand beaches next to the cliff, for example in Cala Blava. Also Majorcas nicest natural beach Es Trenc is just half an hour away from Llucmajor.

Who enjoys being in lively areas, has the opportunity to visit the Platja de Palma in Arenal which is the last part of the beach belonging to the municipality of Llucmajor. The other, bigger part of the cliff consists of the stunning steep cliff which is ideal to hike or to cycle. Especially beginners and professional cyclists love exactly this track. Furthermore, the area has a lot of golf courses: Golf Maioris and Son Antem I and II (Son Antem is known for its good golf school). There are also horse stables, tennis courts and even a racing track.

One of the most beautiful weekly markets in Mallorca

Life in the village Llucmajor takes place mainly on the central, traffic free market square, the Plaça d‘Espanya. The weekly market takes place three times a week: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Especially Friday morning is a popular time. Fruits, vegetables, sausages, cheese, clothing and leather stands can be found throughout the city centre and are complemented by a flea market. Next to typical Majorcan things, you can also get the one or other bargain.

The weekly market is definitely a reason to visit Llucmajor but not the only one. A few years ago, the city centre was redesigned and the pedestrian way was enlarged. This bettered the flair a lot. Many new shops opened and Llucmajor has since then a big choice of boutiques and other stores.

Many coffee shops around the market place

After shopping, you have a wide choice of cafés to drink or eat something. On the central market square with the historic town hall from the year 1882, the one or other good culinary address is waiting. All coffees and restaurants were able to place their tables and chairs on the street, after cars were abandoned on the Plaça d’Espanya.

The classic among all is the Café Colon, which opened in 1928. With nice weather, you can sit outside and with bad weather in the classic inside of the historic coffee house. You’ll find here residents and tourists alike. For the first place for the gastronomy popularity price, the Bistro Mercat and the Tomates Verdes Restaurant with good Majorcan kitchen and Spanish tapas are challenging each other.

The shooting star is the newly opened Contrabando at the Passeig Jaume III with inspiring fresh market kitchen and vegetarian dishes.

Moved past

On the Passeig, a central street, a monument reminds on an important historical event, which had a lot of influence on the history of the island. At the battle of Llucmajor on the 25th of October 1349 Pedro IV defeat his cousin, the Majorcan King Jaume III and put an end to the monarchy of Majorca. The last king of Majorca fell in the northern battle place in front of the city. At first he was buried in the church in Llucmajor, today he is lying in the cathedral of Palma.

Llucmajor also made a monument for its shoe makers (at the southern part of the market square at the Carrer del Bisble Tauxequet). At the beginning of the 20th century, they were responsible for the economic boom and the village became the centre of the shoe production. From this prosperits of the last century many historical buildings, like the fishers market hall from 1915, which was renovated very nicely, and many state owned buildings at the Plaça d‘Espanya. Llucmajors characteristic parish church Sant Miguel was already mentioned in the year 1248, but todays building was only built in the 18th century.

Also, the surroundings are covered by Majorcan history: recommended sights are the five kilometres remoted northern monastery hills Puig de Randa and southern from Llucmajor the astonishing good maintained remains of the Talayot-settlement Capocorb Vell from the Bronze Age.

Who does not know Llucmajor yet should know that village and surroundings want to be discovered and they have much more to offer then the first look may suggest.