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Casa Turquesa 6 Pax

Modern house for 6 people in front of the sea

Playa de Muro, Mallorca North

249 - 509 € / night

  • 6 Pers. · 3 BR · 2 BR · 260 m²

Casa Palou

Comfortable finca for 8 people with pool and internet

Inca, Mallorca Centre

195 - 251 € / night

  • 8 Pers. · 4 BR · 3 BR · 180 m²

Casa Briela

Cosy townhouse in Can Picafort with stunning sea views and sun terrace

Can Picafort, Mallorca North

132 - 225 € / night

  • 4 Pers. · 2 BR · 2 BR · 80 m²

Finca Can Puig

Modern villa in rustic country house style with large pool and garden

Calonge, Mallorca Southeast

180 - 295 € / night

  • 6 Pers. · 3 BR · 2 BR · 267 m²

Finca Segui

Finca with pool in mountain landscape for 6 people

Alaró, Mallorca Centre

171 - 211 € / night

  • 6 Pers. · 3 BR · 2 BR · 120 m²

Casa Macarena II

Nice holiday home for 6 people in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Mallorca Northwest

113 - 146 € / night

  • 3 - 6 Pers. · 2 BR · 1 BR · 70 m²

Finca Cal Rei

Mallorquin finca with pool near Alcudia

Alcudia, Mallorca North

134 - 315 € / night

  • 6 Pers. · 3 BR · 2 BR · 180 m²

Finca Can Blanco

Finca with nice outdoor area for 6 people in Pollensa

Pollensa, Mallorca North

127 - 304 € / night

  • 6 Pers. · 3 BR · BR · 150 m²

Finca Can Payes

Finca for 6 people with private pool in Son Servera

Son Servera, Mallorca Northeast

281 - 467 € / night

  • 7 Pers. · 3 BR · 2 BR · 210 m²

Finca Capella

Finca for 10 people with big terrace, pool and nice views

Manacor, Mallorca Northeast

236 - 457 € / night

  • 10 Pers. · 5 BR · 5 BR · 200 m²

Casa Ses Nines

Modern holiday home at the beach for 4 people

Cala Mayor, Mallorca Palma

130 - 249 € / night

  • 4 - 8 Pers. · 3 BR · 2 BR · 150 m²

Apartamento Mandia-Maria del Mar

Fantastic sea views - great location, bright and friendly, terrace, BBQ, Wifi, TV

Cala Mandia, Mallorca Southeast

104 - 199 € / night

  • 6 Pers. · 3 BR · 2 BR · 100 m²

Special offer: You receive discounts up to 20%, if your stay is within the travel period of 01.06.2019 to 31.08.2019.

Villa Port Nou

Holiday home for 6 people with pool in Costa de los Pinos

Costa de los Pinos, Mallorca Northeast

211 - 627 € / night

  • 6 Pers. · 3 BR · 4 BR · 280 m²

Special offer: You receive discounts up to 7%, if your stay is within the travel period of 01.07.2019 to 31.07.2019.

Finca Las Tierras

Pretty finca with pool terrace, garden and fantastic mountain views in Llucmajor

Llucmajor, Mallorca South

175 - 256 € / night

  • 6 Pers. · 3 BR · 4 BR · 200 m²

Finca Pola

Idyllic finca with panoramic view

Buger, Mallorca North

115 - 264 € / night

  • 7 Pers. · 3 BR · 2 BR · 160 m²

Finca Petit

Finca with stunning panoramic views and private pool - for 4 (+1) people

Arta, Mallorca Northeast

159 - 230 € / night

  • 4 - 5 Pers. · 2 BR · 2 BR · 100 m²

Casa Lavina

Holiday home for 4 people close to the beach

Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca North

119 - 263 € / night

  • 4 Pers. · 2 BR · 1 BR · 80 m²

Finca Can Colom

Stylish finca with pool, idyllically situated near Pollença

Pollensa, Mallorca North

354 - 794 € / night

  • 8 Pers. · 4 BR · 4 BR · 180 m²

Finca Es Clot

Romantic cliff-quaint rustic and cozy, private pool, BBQ, TV, Wifi

Deià, Mallorca Northwest

247 - 701 € / night

  • 8 Pers. · 4 BR · 3 BR ·

Finca Can Moragues

Finca with panoramic views - dream location, private pool, terrace, AC, Wifi, TV, BBQ

Pollensa, Mallorca North

107 - 299 € / night

  • 8 Pers. · 4 BR · 2 BR · 200 m²

Special offer: You receive discounts up to 20%, if your stay is within the travel period of 18.09.2019 to 27.09.2019.

Is there anything better than to discover your holiday destination by bike? Majorca is the perfect place for doing so: the variety of the landscape and the diversified topography of the island are unique. Everything is green throughout the whole year, especially during the months of the off-peak season. That’s why the island belongs to cyclists from the beginning of autumn until the late end of spring. The mild climate with temperatures between 17 and 23 degrees is ideal to step into the pedals.

Discover Mallorca by bike

The island had always been a popular destination for professional cyclists and their teams throughout Europe – they appreciate the different stages of difficulties and the selection of different bicycle tours. But also for every other demand and wishes, cycling on the island is recommended, may it be for cycling just for fun, mountain biking or racing cyclists.

Excellent cycling paths

Thousands of cyclists who arrive on the island in order to exercise their favourite sport in Majorca, have the choice between brilliant cycling paths and signposted ways of a length of more than 1.250 kilometres. From those, 20 % are streets paths of the mountains and nearly 700 kilometres are traffic less side streets. The Balearic government works on spreading this path network.

Hilly until steep streets, in the Tramuntana mountains even serpentines, are waiting for those of you who want to push their fitness. Lonely and flat land routes lead next to stony walls, carob and almond trees and on asphalted and unpaved streets, you can get from one village to another. Even Majorca’s beaches, bays and cliffs can be discovered by bike.

A cycling holiday on Majorca makes you fit, relaxes you totally and it is something for athletes and connoisseurs at the same time. It’s wonderful to inhale the fresh country air, the scent of the pines or the breeze of the sea and meanwhile go as fast as you feel like.

A perfect infrastructure for cyclists

The island adapted to the needs of the cyclists. Alone at Playa de Palma, around 30 cycling hotels can be found. These hotels also open during winter time, having an own cycling garage including a mechanic and special spa & wellness offering, which are customized for cyclists, i.e. massages relaxing the leg muscles. Even the kitchen of the hotel is customized to the needs of the cyclists with vitamin and carbohydrate food.

Cyclists can bring their own bike and transport it by plane. The bike has to be registered before and most of the airlines take it as a special luggage with extra costs amounting to approximately 50 € (besides E-Bikes). Guests can also just simply rent a bike right at the location, if it is not provided by the tour operator anyway.

One of the most active and known cycling tour operators in Majorca is Bicycle Holidays Max Hürzeler. The former swiss professional cyclists pioneered in cycling sports on the island and contributed to the development of the excellent infrastructure for cyclists.

Until today, the Hürzeler-team provides top organization and support with different cycling holidays offerings. Thereby, the excursion can be done all alone or with partners and friends who are on the same sports level. The group categories with a maximum amount of 16 cyclists reach from beginners, having small groups focusing on enjoyment on a length from 20 to 50 kilometres per day, from chatting, fun and hobby groups until 150 km long tours or speed groups, which are led by professional group leaders.

Further providers for cycling holidays in Majorca are Philipps Bike Tours, Easy Tours or bikefriends.

Individual cycling holiday in Mallorca

Of course, you can plan your cycling holiday by yourself as well. Those of you who take their own bike should definitely inform yourselves upfront at the airline and airport for a transport from the airport to the hotel. Or you grab one of the numerous and good equipped cycling rentals, who offer a wide variety of bikes from classic tour bicycles until racing bikes or mountain bikes.

Prices are varying depending on the type of bike and provider between 70 and 170 € per week. It is important, to always have good maps or to download a GPS track onto your Smartphone. Furthermore, it is important to have a rain jacket and cycling accessories like a repair kit, comfortable clothing, sunglasses and a helmet with you. Wearing a helmet is compulsory in Majorca.

Those of you who decide to plan their own tour, have the possibility to book an adequate housing with Porta Holiday, spending the holiday in a romantic finca, wonderful holiday house or practical holiday home in a village. Now you only have to get up on your bike and start pedalling to discover the beautiful island.